The Plus


Having the possibility to work in a sitting or standing position has many health benefits. These include promoting better circulation, better breathing, as well as keeping the mind focused and relieving back pain. The Plus is a brand new way to create a height adjustable table with your existing desk. Just add the Plus on top of the desk and you are ready to go. It is adjustable in height for the most comfort and flexibility possible. Sturdy steel structure and easy to operate with 15 height options.

  • 31″ Deep, 27″ Wide
  • Weight capacity: 33lbs
  • Sit/stand work station
  • Activation: Manual
  • Technology: gas piston with leber
  • Adaptable to any existing furniture
  • 1/4″ grommet hole for monitor arm
  • Height range: 6″ – 20″ (150-500mm)
  • Minimum desk depth: 24″
  • Support groove for phones and tablets
  • Available in black

Pneumatic 1
Pneumatic 2
Pneumatic 3
Pneumatic 4